Orthodox medicine treats SYMPTOMS.

Alternative medicine treats the CAUSE.
There’s a HUGE difference.

What ever your illness, whether you’re young or old, the Bio Energy Therapy Centre will attempt to resolve the underlying cause and treat it Bio-Energetically, for optimal health.

The Bio Energy Therapy Centre can help you.

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Mohammed AshadAfter a very successful career in retail marketing spanning 12 years.

Mohammed Arshad switched careers to work in social services, where he stayed for 13 years developing and implementing services for people with mental health issues.

His move into alternative medicine was due first and foremost to personal need, following a failed operation to correct painful abdominal adhesions. Feeling let down by orthodox medicine, Mohammed decided to find a way to heal himself.

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BIOPLASM Therapy now available in our Clinic

For an appointment call 01706 347007

The associates of the Institute of Practical Psychophysics (IPP) have actually made a revolution in the development of computer system which is able to independently detect and correct defects and pathologies in human organs and tissue!

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Pricing is £50 per hour and £50 for tests