The InterX 5000 is effective for:

• Acute and chronic pain relief and the resulting increase in range of motion
•Neuropathic and nociceptive pain
•Reducing rehabilitation times from sports injuries and other acute traumas
•Muscle relaxation, reducing muscle cramps and spasms
•Enhancing neuromuscular re-education

BICOM Bioresonance Therapy

Is especially effective for acute and chronic allergic llnesses such as rash, asthma and hay fever, neurodermatitis, acute and chronic inflammations of the gastric mucosa or of the small or large intestines, rheumatic diseases, diseases of the internal organs, migraine/ all sorts of pains, injuries/ scar interference fields, problems of the teeth/jaw region.

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The LBG®

Is an essential tool in Lymphatic System Detoxification Therapy, helping the body restore and maintain proper functioning of its immune system defence and relieve lymphatic congestion and toxicity issues.

Did you know most ‘obese’ people are not actually obese – most of that extra weight is in fact excess fluid! The lymphatic system is the body’s ‘plumbing system’, when it becomes over-loaded, waste products are held
in the body’s interstitial fluid (the space between the cells in the body), causing water retention – oedema. By using Skenar technology we help to stimulate the lymph, which results in waste products being detoxified and eliminated… weight loss is inevitable!

Gas Discharged Visualisation (GDV)

Your bioenergetic field or ‘aura’ shows actual and potential health problems, GDV is a diagnostics tool that provides visual ‘before and after’ evidence of how the body has improved during and after treatments. more info at

Magnetic Beds help to accelerate the healing process; we recommend clients use one throughout their treatment period and beyond, to help the body maintain its bioenergetic balance and enjoy the energising effects.

Did you know that when you are ill, your body’s magnetic (energy) field resonates at a lower frequency. Regular use of a magnetic bed helps to restore health by ‘bathing’ the human body in a high potential magnetic field, encouraging the body to attune to the higher frequency and self-heal.