I started to smoke at age 14, now I’m over 50. During 2003 I was smoking over 40 cigarettes a day, and financially I couldn’t afford it. When I started to feel sick, dizzy and weak and unable to manage anything without a cigarette, I decided for my children’s sake to find a way to give up smoking. I tried everything from using patches and tablets supplied by my doctor, but nothing worked. Then a friend highly recommended Mr Mohammad. The therapy was amazingly effective – not only did I stop smoking, but I feel healthier within myself too. Thanks to Mr Mohammad and the therapy.
Khadija Hussain

Mr Mohammad Arshad treated me for severe back pain. My pain was so bad, I could not do anything, e.g. walking, sitting and sleeping was so difficult – nothing was helping my pain. After the first treatment, I felt so much better and within a few weeks of treatment, I was completely pain-free. To date, the pain has not reoccurred.
Satwat Mirza

I was 16 when I went to see Mohammed three years ago. I had been to see the best specialists and consultants in London and Pakistan, endured many treatments and procedures and was at my wits end – coping with a paralysed bladder and a colostomy was very hard. The EAV tests Mohammed did showed damaged nerve endings. He gave me five treatments with the Skenar and on the 5th treatment, which was a Sunday, I was able to urinate for the first time in three years. Since then, I am happy to say I have never had any more problems with my bladder.
Miss Abiba

A friend recommended Mr Mohammed to me, as I was on heavy medication for a variety of conditions – fibroids, endometresis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), weight gain problems and depression.

Following a couple of weeks of treatment, I felt a marked difference in my well-being and symptoms. Over a period of a few months I was able to come off all my medications and I also lost a tremendous amount of weight. I was more content in myself, no longer depressed and was able focus on other things, such as looking for a job and have since successfully attained a suitable post. Previously I had been bed-ridden and house-bound due to the severe pain and discomfort of my ill health and also because of the side effects of the prescribed medications.

I really appreciate Mr Mohammed’s intervention, which was of a holistic nature and made all the difference in the overall result of losing weight, combating the depression and easing a lot of the painful symptoms of the conditions. I would highly recommend Bio Energy Therapy to anyone suffering from any of these types of debilitating conditions.
Mrs Jamal

I went to the Bio Energy Centre for vertigo and within a period of five sessions my condition became very stable and improved dramatically, enabling me to go back to work and do my normal things. Mr Mohammed used the Bio-resonance to treat my condition. I am forever grateful for I believe I have got my life back. I would be most willing to speak to anyone who wants to hear it from the horse’s mouth!
Masooma Hasan
Cheetham Hill

My name is Shoukat and I have been a patient of yours for treatment of an allergy that I was suffering from. This allergy has been a presistent irritant for quite sometime now and I would like to say how grateful I am to you to have helped relieve me of this. A combination of your professional character and your alternative therapy approach have made my visits to yourself a pleasure. I hope that all your patients benefit from your therapies in the way that I’ve benefited from them.
Salams Arshad,

My name is Joe and I have had pains in my back and chest area for some time now. The magentic bed at your clinic and other treatment machines have relieved a lot of this pain making it easier for me to get a good night’s rest now! After years of taking medication and having to suffer I’m glad to say that finally Ive found the right place to improve my health.
Thankyou and God Bless You,