Mohammed AshadAfter a very successful career in retail marketing spanning 12 years,

Mohammed Arshad switched careers to work in social services, where he stayed for 13 years developing and implementing services for people with mental health issues.

His move into alternative medicine was due first and foremost to personal need, following a failed operation to correct painful abdominal adhesions. Feeling let down by orthodox medicine, Mohammed decided to find a way to heal himself. He turned to Professor Hussain and Tom Stone for help, whose bioenergetic methods helped eradicate the pain and swelling.

Amazed by the results, Mohammed went on to work with Professor Hussain, who had set up the first acupuncture training ward for doctors and nurses in North West England and helped over one million people on three continents during his 57 years as a physician.

For the next six years, Mohammed shadowed Professor Hussain, gathering experience in acupuncture, bio-resonance techniques and gaining valuable qualifications. Mohammed’s personal philosophy is simple: – to help ordinary citizens throughout the UK access affordable, effective complimentary medicine in order to restore and maintain optimal health.

So if you are confused by medical jargon, frustrated with the lack of any improvements, sick of taking pills and potions, and are worrying about side effects and iatrogenic conditions – it’s time to try a safe alternative.

Mohammed Arshad
Scenar Practitioner
Bioresonance Practitioner
Light Beam Generator ST8 Practitioner
Qualified L.I.F.E. System Practioner