Before anything else, we listen to you.

Restoring your health and fitness is achieved using ground-breaking technology— no drugs, no pain. Unlike Orthodox medicine, which targets symptoms, our methods treat
you holistically. We don’t treat ‘this or that disease’ – we treat you bio-energetically, seeking out imbalances and helping restore balance naturally.

There is no disease or condition – acute, chronic or terminal, mental, emotional or spiritual – that our methods will not have managed in the past. The methodology we offer has been extensively researched and documented, tried and tested; our success rate is outstanding.

Healthcare with a difference – NO side-effects!

So what should you expect?

During your first appointment we take a full history from you. This takes approximately one hour. The next stage involves non-invasive EVA bioenergetic tests and assessment to determine your current health status. We then formulate and agree a treatment plan with you and arrange your first treatment. You may be asked to provide fluid samples, which will help to ensure effective treatment.

How much does it cost?

Our fees are £50 per hour. This has been kept low to enable MORE people, rather than the elite few, the opportunity to afford what is often believed to be ’too expensive’. We feel this form of healthcare should be available to everyone.

Join the Complementary-Alternative Therapy (CAT) Health Club

To ensure alternative healthcare is available to everyone, we can arrange various interest-free payment options on your behalf, which can be paid back over an agreed period of time starting from as little as £5 per week. You can enjoy the benefits of alternative health through any of our associated partners anywhere in the UK. To find out how you can join the Complementary-Alternative Therapy Health Club and enjoy the benefits – Call us 01706 347007.

Take the first step to a healthier future and pick up the phone – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Pricing is £50 per hour and £50 per test